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We craft visually compelling campaigns tailored to your goals, connecting you with millions of active pinners. Turn visual discovery into tangible success with our optimized and strategically targeted Pinterest solutions

Pinterest  Advertising

Whether you are embarking on a new business venture or elevating your existing enterprise to new levels, a meticulously targeted TikTok campaign, paired with captivating creatives, can yield remarkable outcomes for both eCommerce and lead-generation businesses

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Grow Your Reach

Are you prepared to introduce your business to a broader audience? TikTok boasts over 150 million users, primarily from the Millennial and Gen-Z demographics. However, its reach extends across various age groups, with 31% of users aged 24–34 and an additional 13.1% falling between 35–44.
Increased Engagement

Increased Engagement

Boost engagement by leveraging trending sounds and hashtags. Thanks to TikTok's algorithm, anyone has the potential to go viral by sharing the right content at the optimal momen
Build A Brands Personality

Build A Brands 

Brands flourish on TikTok through uniqueness. Showcase your distinct personality and what sets you apart by crafting playful and engaging content that embodies your brand

Why you need Tiktok Marketing Agency

Leverage TikTok Ads with Creations Media

TikTok offers a distinctive platform for small businesses to reach diverse audiences through engaging short-form video content. At Creations Media, a seasoned TikTok ads agency, we specialize in crafting campaigns that drive revenue and elevate your brand presence. Whether you’re just stepping into the realm of paid marketing or looking to expand your reach, join hands with us to harness the power of TikTok and witness your business ascend.

Innovate and Engage

With TikTok advertising, you have the canvas to be inventive and express your brand’s personality, passion, and humour in a format that resonates with the audience. Spark conversations and initiate projects that captivate users, leaving a more enduring impression than conventional promotions.

Our Strategic Approach

TikTok Ads Manager supports both image and video ad types, but as a leading TikTok Ad Agency in London, we advocate initiating your journey with in-feed video advertisements, TikTok’s most favored ad format. These ads, supporting 5-60 seconds of video, are ideally kept between 9-15 seconds to sustain user engagement. Positioned between ‘For You’ videos, they need to be instantly captivating. Native content reigns supreme on TikTok; if your video feels like an advertisement, it likely doesn’t belong. Our team at Creations Media is adept at producing content that seamlessly blends with the platform. Explore our diverse portfolio below!

Crafting Tailored Content

Ad creative plays a pivotal role in audience engagement. We strategically categorize your audience based on the sales funnel and tailor content to meet their specific needs:

  • Top Of The Funnel Ads: Introduce your brand ethos and products, addressing the audience's pain points and offering solutions, all within the 100-character limit.

  • Middle Of The Funnel Ads: For an audience acquainted with your brand but still wavering, we leverage social proof, incorporating reviews, awards, and testimonials to strengthen their trust and propel them towards purchasing.

  • Bottom Of The Funnel Ads: Here, a more direct approach is warranted. Targeting cart abandoners or general website visitors, the content is designed to give that final nudge – “Go on, you know you want to…”

With Creations Media, step into the world of TikTok advertising and elevate your brand to new heights!"

The Creative Process

Crafting Impactful TikTok Content: A Guideline by Creations Media

Embarking on a TikTok creative journey? Here’s a comprehensive checklist from Creations Media to ensure your content resonates:

1. Identify Your Audience:

Who are you speaking to? While 18-24 year-olds predominantly populate TikTok, diverse age groups are joining and engaging. Does your content have universal appeal or is it niche-specific?

2. Leverage Trending Sounds & Hashtags:

What’s your concept? Can you align it with trending sounds or popular hashtags currently making waves on TikTok?

3. Define the Purpose:

Why is this TikTok being made? Clarify the motivation or inspiration behind each piece of content. Every TikTok should have a defined reason for its existence.

4. Scenic Location:

Where will you film? Whether it’s a beach, studio, or indoors, aesthetics are pivotal. A visually pleasing location can significantly enhance the allure of your video.

5. Incorporate Creative Elements:

How will your idea come to life? Will you use props, innovative transitions, or other creative elements? Remember, innovation, whether simple or elaborate, captivates audiences.

6. Brevity & Engagement:

TikTok videos should be concise yet enthralling. Users typically spend around 3 seconds per video, so make every moment count.

Explore Our TikTok Ad Portfolio: Witness Our Craft At Creations Media

we differentiate ourselves from agencies that over-promise and under-deliver. We revel in witnessing your brand flourish through our tailored TikTok ad strategies. Utilizing our specialized TikTok Ads content team, we generate striking content that distinguishes your brand from the multitude."

Why Work With Us

We recognize the abundance of choices when it comes to  Advertising Agencies, but here’s why our clients consistently choose and cherish our services;

Same Day Response

Same Day Response

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Dedicated Account Manager

In-House Creative Team

Understanding that time is of the essence, we strive to address any inquiries regarding your account within one business day. If you're seeking updates on your Facebook campaign outside of scheduled meetings, rest assured, we won’t keep you in suspense.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager, meticulously chosen from our team of experts to align with your business needs. Serving as the driving force behind your Facebook advertising strategy, they will guarantee the optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness of all your campaigns.

Maximize the impact of your Facebook advertising through the inventive support provided by our in-house content specialists. From eye-catching videos and animations to vibrant images, we craft content that not only breathes life into your brand but is also meticulously tailored to suit the Facebook advertising platform.

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Our marketing agency embodies flexibility and adaptability, essential in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Committed to staying ahead of trends and meeting unique client needs, we offer tailored, dynamic strategies and solutions that drive results and foster growth, ensuring a responsive, agile partnership dedicated to your success.

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At our agency, transparency is at the core of our values. We believe in open communication and clarity in all our dealings, ensuring that our clients are well-informed and confident in every decision. Our commitment to honesty builds trust and fosters strong, lasting partnerships, all while delivering clear, measurable results.

Success Icon

Your Success Is Our Succes

Functioning as an integral extension of your team, we prioritize your needs and are perpetually on the lookout to identify and leverage emerging opportunities that will enhance your business. Our commitment goes beyond satisfaction with good performance; we are incessantly seeking avenues to refine your Facebook campaign for superior outcomes.

Dedicated To Small Business

What Clients Say

"Engaging this marketing agency was a game-changer for our business! Their expertise in web design, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads elevated our online presence. The SEO strategies implemented have drastically increased our visibility, and the rebranding they orchestrated resonates well with our target audience. Highly recommended for comprehensive marketing solutions!"
Martin Smith

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